We help companies become Efficient, Resilient and Successful. Knex solutions enable businesses to acquire, analyze, predict and act upon data in real time.

Our Products

We are building NextGen B2B solutions which lie at the intersection of Statistics, Optimization, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, IOT & Data Engineering.


Machine-learned Forecast and consensus application.

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Cash Flow Management and scenario play for businesses.

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Our comprehensive intelligent sales solution.

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Use 3D cameras and sensors to manage and predict livestock growth.

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Using advance prediction techniques to make supply chain work flawlessly.

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Multi-structured data rolling up to real-time KPIs and intelligence.

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Machine-learned Forecast and consensus application.


Cash Flow Management and scenario play for businesses.


Our comprehensive intelligent sales solution.


Use 3D cameras and sensors to manage and predict livestock growth.

Production Planning

Using advance prediction techniques to make supply chain work flawlessly.

Performance Management

Multi-structured data rolling up to real-time KPIs and intelligence.



Solutions focused on capturing real-time actions to predict their future

About Us


KNEX was established as a consulting company in United States of America. We specialize in Concept Development, Capacity Building and Digital Technology Enablement to drive breakthrough performance. KNEX offers product based services by enabling businesses to Acquire, Analyze, Predict and Act upon data in real time.

Background and Development

The commercial operations began with the launch of first POC in the beginning of 2015. In July 2016, the company expanded its operations to ASEAN and concurrently started to explore opportunities with major companies across the globe for innovative digital business solutions. In October 2017, the company opened its India Development Centre in Hyderabad, providing much-needed control on project execution.

Passionate Team

We employ passionate and talented professionals from across the industry and academia. The team has global project experience and possess deep expertise in crafting strategy, devising planning concepts and developing execution & monitoring systems.

Dr.Mahender Singh
Mahender Singh
Ganesh Kumar
Ganesh Kumar
Ganesh Siva
Ganesh Siva
Samrat Ghosh
Samrat Ghosh
Sr. VP
Our Products

We build NextGen B2B solutions packaged as products which lie at the intersection of Statistics, Optimization, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, IOT & Data Engineering. Some selected products are:

  • Forecast Machine-learned Forecast and consensus application.
  • Cashflow Cash Flow Management and scenario play for businesses.
  • Sell Comprehensive intelligent sales solution.
  • Livestock Predict livestock growth, health & count using 3D cameras and sensors.
  • Production Planning Advance optimization engine for optimal planning.
  • Performance Management Real time sharing of multi-structured KPIs & insights.
Key Differentiator

KNEX Labs, The inhouse R&D team continuosly researches new ideas for measurable value improvement and driving innovation. The company strives to acquire the most up-to-date knowledge not only in different management functions but also on the hardware and software technology side. The knowledge is deployed by using a process oriented approach to solve client’s problems. This sharp focus on innovation to solve real life problems and value creation sets us apart

Our Partners

KNEX Inc's strategic partnerships have helped us in acquiring a variety of domain expertese as well as in complementing our vision and passion

  • Trinity
  • Pawlin
  • NicheBees
Dr. Mahender Singh

Dr. Mahender Singh is recognized globally as a thought leader in the domain of supply chain management. He is constantly challenging supply chain norms and concepts to balance theory with practice to foster innovation. He is a strong proponent of technology enabled solutions for enhancing performance of business operations.

Currently, he is fully immersed in entrepreneurial efforts to devise novel solutions for chronic problems that have plagued businesses in developing countries. He is especially interested in promoting frugal innovation as a way forward for businesses in the emerging countries leapfrog their developed country counterparts. His active initiatives include projects in the SMART CITY, Internet of Things, M-Commerce domains.

Dr. Singh conducted research at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, MIT, Cambridge, over a decade long tenure holding various portfolios.

Ganesh Kumar

Ganesh holds a BS in Computer Science, and General Management program from Stanford Graduate School of Business. His leadership and management experience spans multiple continents, including starting Sabare in US and leading it to excess of 100 million US dollars in global revenues within 8 years. He most recently served as Vice President at Triniti Corporation, USA.

He Built his foundation based on Albert Einstein's saying... –“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Ganesh Siva

Ganesh holds a BS in Computer Science and MBA in Finance. He spent most of his career in Silicon valley working with companies like Siebel systems, Cadence, eBay and Sun microsystems. He most recently served as a Director at Yahoo where he managed Yahoo monetization platforms that process 4 billion in Revenue for Yahoo.

He also managed the Payments ecosystem including Risk analysis and Fraud management for Yahoo. He brings a wealth of domain expertise in CRM, Payments, Order management systems and business intelligence.

Samrat Ghosh

Supply Chain Consulting and Operations professional with a proven track record of developing talent, innovating solutions, reducing costs, and delivering on service. Over 12+ years of work experience on variety of Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Supply Chain Costing, Distribution, Analytics and other Supply Chain roles for the ASEAN, India, US and international Agricultural, LiveStock & CPG markets.

He has worked extensively in the area of Demand Planning and S&OP whereby implementing various systems and processes. During the course of his career he has successfully recruited and led powerful teams in the area of Supply Chain Analytics & Operations. Samrat takes an active interest in applying Computer Vison and Artificial Intelligence for solving real life industrial problems.

  • Neeraj Pradhan
    VP, India Operations

    Neeraj has a vast experience in the realm of Banking, Insurance and Techno Finance Services. He has extensively worked with various clients in USA, UK and Asia. Neeraj’s expertise lies in finance transformation projects and system integration. At KNEX, Neeraj is heading the India Operations.

    13+ years, Ex- Deloitte Consulting, Aegon and AXA Life Insurance

  • Anand Devasthali
    Senior Engagement Manager

    An expert in Manufacturing, Sales and Supply Chain Transformation, Anand brings industry experience from FMCG, Automotive, Retail, Pharma & Flour. His core expertise lies in Lean management, Quality assurance, Demand planning and process improvement through Business Process Re-engineering. At KNEX, Anand handles product and process conceptualization to deliver cutting edge solutions.

    10+ years, Ex- General Mills, Tata, Glenmark

  • Sunil Jaybhay
    Manager, Consulting

    An adept Professional in Process Consulting, Value Stream Mapping(VSM) and Analytics, Sunil with his excellent engagement skills and business intelligence brings valuable experience from reverse supply chain and manufacturing operations across Information technology, Automotive, Livestock, and Flour manufacturing Industry. At KNEX, Sunil handles product and process conceptualization to deliver cutting edge solutions.

    8+ years, Ex- Ford, General Motors, Eaton Corporation, Entercoms

  • Shilpa Rai
    Manager, Research & Development

    Masters in Applied Statistics, Informatics and Machine Intelligence. Shilpa is experienced in developing advanced analytics platforms and predictive models for General Mills and multiple clients associated with Fractal Analytics. At Knex, Shilpa leads Research and Modeling aspect of the products.

    5+ years, Ex- Fractal, General Mills

  • Avnish Chandra Suman
    Product Architect

    With experience in building large scale distributed enterprise applications across both private and public sectors, Avnish is particularly interested in mentoring budding startups and building scalable software architecture. Avnish is leading technology at Knex.

    4+ years, Ex - Oracle, Dept. of Telecom, India

  • Nishank Gupta
    Lead Backend Engineer

    Nishank is a Software Engineer with strong background in algorithms and has expertise in building scalable backend systems.

    3+ years, Ex - Vmware, Dept. of Telecom, India

  • Nitin Kumar Bhaskar
    Business Consultant

    Nitin is APICS CSCP certified consultant and has a diverse experience across IT, Management Consulting and Logistics industry. He blends his supply chain functional knowledge along with good understanding of analytics and software development lifecycle to conceptualize & implement projects at KNEX.

    5+ years, Ex - Infosys, The Smart Cube, Safexpress

  • Shrinivas Iyer
    Business Consultant

    Shrinivas has worked across domains such as supply chain and technology consulting. Shrinivas is handling automation and analytics for Supply chain project at KNEX.

    9+ years, Ex- Tech Mahindra, Accenture

  • Rishikesh Kushwaha
    Operations Research Engineer

    Rishikesh is an experienced professional with knowledge in Data Science, Machine Learning, Operations Research, Mathematical Modeling & Simulation techniques.

    3+ years, Ex - GT Nexus

  • Mohit Mahajan
    Operations Research Engineer

    An avid learner, Mohit brings his expertise in Optimization Science and Mathematical Modeling. Mohit is experienced with multiple projects across 3D Printing, Quality and Fraud Analytics and Modeling of manufacturing operations.

    1+ years, Ex - Uber

  • Srishti Agarwal
    Data Scientist

    Shristi is an Instrumentation Engineer from IIT Kharagpur. She represented India among the top 10 world teams, at the Global Valuation Olympiad held in London.

    2+ years

  • Venkatesh Gottimukkula
    Sr. Software Engineer

    An aviation engineer turned full stack developer. Specializes in building robust and performant data pipelines that does all the heavy lifting and integrations in Knex apps.

    5+ years, Ex-GE Aviation

  • Amit Sah
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Software Engineer & avid hacker, known for developing in long sprints. Fullstack enthusiast.

    3+ years

  • Mallik Cheripally
    Senior Front End Developer

    A core javascript hacker, UI developer, UX designer & developer and a UI security expert into one. Mallik brings a complete UI package knowledge on the table and is interested in UX research.

    4+ years, Ex- TCS

  • Karthik P
    Software Development Engineer

    Known for his love of React & D3, Karthik does the heavy lifting of all the visualizations in Knex apps.

    4+ years, Ex-AgileCRM

  • Ramana ADV
    Software Development Engineer

    Budding frontend developer with Angular and UX expertise under his cap.

    1+ years

  • Kartikeya Mishra
    Software Development Engineer

    Software Engineer and a one man architect and developer. Knows databases in and out and loves exploring big data and infrastructure technologies.

    2+ years, Ex- Overcart (E-commerce)

  • Aman Bhatia
    Software Development Engineer

    Budding engineer with demonstrated capabilities in backend development, devops and ETL.

    2+ years, Ex- L&T Infotech

  • Amit Kumar Saha
    Project Consultant

    Consultant with experience in Retail Branch Banking, Loans and Credit Risk management. Loves client interaction for requirement gathering and concept development.

    8+ years EX YES Bank, ICICI, AXIS Bank

  • Preeti Nath Ghosh
    Manager, Human Resources

    Preeti is experienced in management of all aspects of employment, maintaining & enhancing the organization’s human resources by planning, implementing & evaluating employee relations and HR policies, programs & practices.

    4+ years , Ex-AC Nielsen, Sapient Institute of Management Studies

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